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Investment In Turkey

Investment In Turkey Construction and Real Estate market are the most important sectors that keep the Turkish economy up and running. Therefore the construction and real estate sector are still very interesting and profitable for investors for another while. 6% of the real estate sales since September 2017 are from foreign buyers. Foreign investors that invest a minimum amount of 250.000 USD have...


Why Turkey ?

According to the statistics of 2018, Turkey is the 17th biggest economy with a GDP exceeding 849 Billion Dollar, Together with Turkeys strategic location which is providing a bridge between 3 continents is also known to be on one of the most important trade routes. The main objective for Turkey is to enter the top 10 economies by 2023, especially from the beginning of the 2000s Turkey has exhibited a...


Turkish Citizenship Application

Steps Of Turkish Citizenship By Investment Tax Registration number (recieve a Tax Registration Number at any tax Office or apply online – need copy of passport and application form) - for online application Open a bank account (if needed) Required - passport, Tax number, document showing your current address, as example utility bill. Find a property...


Turkish Citizenship Application Requirements

Turkish Citizenship Application Requirements A minimum of 500.000 USD or equivalent to the same amount in Turkish Lira should be invested as a fixed capital investment and confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. A minimum of 250.000 USD or equivalent to the same amount in Turkish lira should be invested in real estate and the Title Deed needs to be registered on your name. The purchased...

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