Benesta Beyoglu


Beyoglu, Istanbul

$ 890.000
Heart of Istanbul ME TOO!
Every city has a heart. If you are not there, you are not in that city. I AM in the shining
center of Istanbul that never sleeps; I am in Beyoğlu, the meeting point of history,
entertainment, culture and art. I'm where everyone wants to be. I am within a few
steps away of where everyone wants to reach.
I am in the center of the ancient city of Istanbul, in a location adjacent to Taksim
Square, Istiklal Street, Pera, Tunnel, Galata Tower, Galatasaray High School, Karaköy
Galata Port, Piyale Paşa Boulevard, Atatürk and Galata Bridges, Golden Horn, Balat,
Topkapı Palace and the Grand Bazaar.

Art is in ME!
The stage is mine. The most beautiful songs to
be forgotten Impossible movies, enchanting
dances and passionate games. The colorful
canvases of dreams, I am the sculptures of
the artists you love in my world, on my stage.
Life is in ME very privileged!
If I exist, the concept of time disappears.
A chirping life every hour of the day Everything
is in my world, from gourmet delicacies to open
air cinema, from rich social areas to high-standard
VIP services in Beyoğlu, where they live.

Pushing the boundaries of the housing sector,
I'm in Turkey with changing standards and prestigious
project that transforms dreams into life.

Who am i? BENESTA!

Movable Walls
What if you could determine the existence and size of your living space? A large
spacious house with no rooms? Is the bedroom separated 1 + 1 ? You don't need, to
choose! With MOVESTA you can have both.
All you have to do is; pulling open or close your advanced engineered walls in one
motion. Now you can move the walls of your home like a curtain and easily expand
your living space. How? Sounds good right? This awesome technology is the latest
innovation that ESTA brings to your home, with the experience gained from giant
projects all over the world.

 Broaden Your Perspective with One Move.
Movesta, which has a wide and spacious living room when you enter the content from
the door of your house, has movable wall technology that you can create special
rooms for yourself. With this innovative technology developed by Esta with the experience
gained from projects all over the world, you can organize your home as you wish and
create generous living spaces for yourself.
You can create your own private rooms with new living spaces that you can create in
just a few seconds, or you can enjoy the privilege of having a large, spacious and stylish
living room.

independent Architecture ME TOO!
I am the very person of a colorful life with my 9-storey boutique project in the most
impressive historical point of the city, with alternative units from 1 + 1 to 3 + 1.

I will bring together 245 apartments, 15 offices and the preferred tastes of world cuisine,

I am the ne w meeting point of Beyoğlu with my commercial area consisting of 20
special units.

I make your life easier with nearly 130 VIP Concierge services. I offer you perfect details
with my indoor swimming pool and wellness center
ID : 79579
Yazili Resim
  I have read the Personal Data Protection Law (click to read) text and I accept.


3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 200 sqm Area Location Open on Google Maps


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