Çamlıyaka Konakları Residences Istanbul


Istanbul, Cekmekoy

$ 320.000
The Project Manifest

We all want to get away from the chaos of the city and get back in touch with nature, but life doesn’t allow it, forcing us live a certain way.

It’s not we who’ve transformed our living spaces into dwellings we drop in on from one evening to the next, it’s life itself! As a developer, we come up with we come up with new ideas for every project by considering how the world is now.

We don’t create houses, but new living spaces. First, as a team, we talk about our common dreams and what we expect from life, laying everything out on the table. As we create our living spaces, our projects go far beyond the ordinary. For us, a house should do much more than fill the need for shelter! We work day and night, so all our projects are a wonder of design, down to the finest detail.

We follow the world and technology. We read, we research, we experiment and we practice. We have children, we have things we love and things we don’t! Just like you! We try to think like you, to empathize with you... For example, we don’t want our little ones to travel far in the dark early mornings just to go to a good kindergarten. We don’t want to have to wait for Sundays to feel real earth beneath our feet. Or wait for holidays to get a glimpse of nature… We get frustrated from our narrow spaces just like you. We don’t want months, or even years to pass without seeing our next-door neighbors. We know there’s so much more to life than just saying “Hello”. Being able to share life and being close to everything!

And we want future generations to grow up with this same drive as well. As we created the Project Fairytale, we thought about your needs, what you want from a new life and of course, your children. We wanted it to be a fairy tale that can connect you to nature without leaving the city! A fairy tale that will make you feel luxury with every step; that will turn every morning you wake up into the morning of the longest vacation you’ve ever been on; that gives you peace of mind every day. Before you start wandering around in this fairy tale, know that we are celebrating a unique future with the project. In Çekmeköy, part of its attraction is the unique texture of its nature, and there are 17 endemic plant species which are unique to its geography.

These plants make the nature of Çekmeköy special. In an endemic life, mostly in green areas; the project decodes green dreams and redefines tranquility. Feel as free as colorful kites in the sky One hectare of a pine forest absorbs 30-40 tons of dust per year. Surrounded by pine forests, Çekmeköy offers 99% less dusty air than a treeless development. A fully grown pine tree produces enough oxygen every day for a thousand people, and in the pine forests of Çekmeköy, you’ll breathe freely, indeed...

You’ll feel the freshness of 99% cleaner air in the projects, where you’ll live in luxurious terraced houses with private gardens as the cycles of nature progress around you. Tie a rope to the stars, and swing to your dreams The project break the mold of the ordinary with its spacious courtyard and unique social facilities. With playgrounds, outdoor sports facilities, cycling trails, and outdoor pools, children’s laughter in the heart of greenery becomes a magnificent reality.

Social areas
Hiking and cycling trails
Outdoor Pools Find peace in the fields around you, whenever you like...
Direct access to the following from the the Project by the Kuzey Marmara Highway access road:

• Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
• Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
• Levent • Maslak • İstanbul Airport
• From the The project • Kuzey Marmara Highway Access Road 3,2 km
• Şile Highway 2 km • M8 Bostancı Dudullu Metro Station 4,4 km
• M5 Üsküdar – Sultanbeyli Metro Station 4,9 km • Ataşehir Finance Center 9,5 km
• Sabiha Gökçen Airport 27 km • Buyaka Shopping Centre 7,8 km • IKEA 7,7 km

With a facade of natural wood-like finish, floor to ceiling glass and composite panels, the project combine luxury, a modern setup and a unique attitude in harmony, as you’d expect from life. 10 blocks with 4 to 6 residences each, space up to 260 m2 of private gardens and large terraces await.
ID : 20855
Yazili Resim
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3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 169 sqm Area Location Open on Google Maps


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