Mesa Orman 2


Beykoz, Istanbul

$ 980.000
Recently, Istanbul met with a life that brought the forest to the centre of your life. It was a life designed by developer and it got its name from the forest where it played the leading role. And now, this project introduces its new stage. The happiness which has started growing with the freshness and tones of green meets with the shore of a natural lake . This project, the greenest living space within the city, is proud to announce nites w stage including the natural lake nearby your life while still providing freshness to Istanbul and beauty to your dreams ...

This project … A life in the shade of plane trees We leaned on giant plane trees in this project. We have embraced them feeling their experience of reaching out to eternity. We have created a life combining its broad leaves opens for love and affection. To enjoy the life, to cool off under its shadow. To keep happiness alive for centuries ...


Happiness under the linden trees at every step We decorated the city life with the soothing scent of linden trees. We desired the fragrance of linden surrounds your home as you start each new day and your life to be coloured in each step you take.


Located nearby the forest and the natural lake, this project has inspired its existence from nature. Linden and plane trees in the region are hosting the project. It sets an example project by its location at the the closest and in the most respectful distance to the forest and lake.


Nature is the greatest wealth that life can offer us. We invite you to a future that complements all this natural richness with for developer quality ...


The liveliness you witness in the new stage of this project does not stop following you even outside of the project! The energy you get from nature while you sit at your home combines with the energy of the city when you go out. With the new generation cafes, gourmet restaurants, boutique shops, sports centres and educational opportunities in the vicinity, your all needs can be fully satisfied.


Deep emotional bond this project has with trees , helps you to reduce the negative eects of the tiring metropolitan life up to zero. This project is one of the projects with the highest green area ratio per capita and its garden floor flats, large balconies and terraces brings freshness to your life by allowing you to touch the trees and grass.


This project, adds nature into your metropolitan life and welcomes clean forest air in to your
homes with developer quality. A life at this project, presents a high qualified comfort satisfaction
by maximizing your living standards through 163 flats with wide balconies and terraces from
2 + 1 to 6.5 + 1 within 10 blocks.


The large courtyard in the middle of the project enables this project to have a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Its unique landscape incorporates every shade of green into your life and its waterways passing through the middle of the courtyard accepts every shade of blue into your life.


You, your family and your loved ones ... This project, designed to satisfy every need in the most elegant way, offers a perfect life to all members from 7 to 70 with its parks, gardens, ornamental pools, recreational areas and walking paths as well as indoor swimming pool, tennis court and basketball court.


The nature and social facility of this project will introduce you to unique privileges. Nature will welcome you as soon as you leave your home. The nature and social s cope this project has ,
introduces you to unique privileges. You will embrace nature as soon as you step out your home. You will start each day with the serenity of exercising in the clean air of the forest. If you prefer, you will free yourself from the stress of the day by the lakeside or you will spend time with your family and friends in the social facility. You will feel the luxury of living within nature and the city at the same time ,in the new stage of this project..
ID : 41028
Yazili Resim
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4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 130 sqm Area Location Open on Google Maps