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Turkish Health System

Turkish Health System According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, health care is public property, it is the duty of the state and the Ministry of Health is responsible for health services. Health services are provided by public, semi-public, private, and non-profit foundations. The financing of Health Services is realized through taxes, Social Security Premiums, private insurance premiums,...

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

The Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program Turkey is a strategic country and is surrounded by three seas. It is a large transcontinental country. Turkey's location is perfect for tourism and investment. Transport links are fast and very convenient. One of the world's leading major cities, Istanbul is the main commercial and cultural center. Turkish Citizenship by Investment The Turkish Citizenship by...


Education in Turkey

Education in Turkey In the Turkish education system, the Ministry of Education conducts the country's education administration and is responsible for preparing curricula and coordinating the work of official, private, and voluntary organizations. Children in Turkey begin compulsory education at the age of 6 and end by the age of 18. In addition, kindergarten, nursery, and daycare houses, which are not...

Best Places in Turkey Hagia Sophia

Best Places in Turkey

Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, was once the capital of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires. Istanbul is the strait connecting Asia and Europe and is unique in the world with this feature. With its historical and fascinating architecture, food culture, nightlife, shopping and mystical atmosphere, Istanbul is among the important touristic places of the world. Most of the important historical...

Property Investment In Turkey

Real Estate Market Turkey

Real Estate Market Turkey Almost everyone agrees that there are quite favorable conditions for real estate investment in various regions of Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Many foreign investors apply to buy real estate in Istanbul and own property in Turkey. Istanbul and Turkey are indeed a clear choice for investing. Real Estate Market Turkey Real Estate Market International investors They are...

istanbul for sale real estate

Real Estate In Istanbul For Sale

Real Estate In Istanbul For Sale Do you want to buy property in Istanbul, Turkey ? Real Estate In Istanbul For Sale Real estate investment in Istanbul has a very strong value. Most real estate buyers in Istanbul know the high return on their investment. The numbers increase every year. Whatever suits your needs while purchasing a property in Istanbul, Property Turkey Istanbul can take care of your...

bosphorus mansion

Bosphorus Mansion Iconic Luxury in Turkey

Bosphorus Mansions Iconıc Luxury In Turkey Iconic Bosphorus Mansions and Country Attractions Bosphorus Mansion Iconic Luxury in Turkey Bosphorus mansions are Turkey's best properties in all aspects. Other names are Yalı houses. These luxury villas in Istanbul are valuable in the world market. These iconic mansions are usually sold in the range of 50-150 million US dollars. It attracts people from...

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