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Why Turkish Citizenship

Why Turkish Citizenship According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish state is social. Being a Turkish citizen is defined as a taxpayer state that is related to the welfare status of citizens, providing them with a minimum level of life. Why Turkish Citizenship - Property Turkey Istanbul Why Should I Become A Turkish Citizen ? Turkey has been making a significant global...


Turkish Health System

Turkish Health System According to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, health care is public property, it is the duty of the state and the Ministry of Health is responsible for health services. Health services are provided by public, semi-public, private, and non-profit foundations. The financing of Health Services is realized through taxes, Social Security Premiums, private insurance premiums,...



Taxes The question of why taxes are given is one of the important issues that many citizens ask and seek answers about. Of extremely critical importance to states are the levies levied to establish the integrity and well-being of citizens. Taxes can also be deducted from the salaries of individuals while deducting from the product and service received. Taxes are expressed as money received from...


Education in Turkey

Education in Turkey In the Turkish education system, the Ministry of Education conducts the country's education administration and is responsible for preparing curricula and coordinating the work of official, private, and voluntary organizations. Children in Turkey begin compulsory education at the age of 6 and end by the age of 18. In addition, kindergarten, nursery, and daycare houses, which are not...

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