Istanbul Real Estate Things to Know

 Ara 11 2023


Istanbul, as the cultural and economic capital of Turkey, also attracts attention in the real estate market. While the demand for housing in the city is constantly increasing, especially luxury housing projects attract great attention among investors and those who want to own a home.



The recent increase in the Istanbul housing market attracts attention with prices starting from 400,000 dollars. One of the main factors behind this rise is that the city attracts investors with its strong economic potential and strategic location, as well as its cultural richness. Due to Istanbul's growth potential and increasing demand for housing, local and foreign investors find housing purchases attractive. In addition, luxury housing projects in the city and fluctuations in exchange rates are among the factors affecting the increase in housing prices.


In particular, the proliferation of luxury housing projects and fluctuations in exchange rates significantly increase average housing prices. Istanbul housing market is becoming increasingly attractive not only for those who want to own a house, but also for those who want to invest. However, with the opportunities brought by this rise, careful evaluation and strategic planning become important.



Zorlu Center Residence, Avangart Istanbul Residence and Ritz Carlton Residence are some of the most prominent projects for sale in Istanbul. Zorlu Center Residence attracts the attention of investors with its proximity to the city's business and shopping centers, and Avangart Istanbul Residence attracts the attention of investors with its modern architecture and facilities. Ritz Carlton Residence is another option that stands out with its luxurious living standards and unique location.






Istanbul rental houses offer an ideal option for those who prefer the dynamic lifestyle of the city. These rental houses are close to the city center, public transportation and surrounded by various social activities. Additionally, the advantages of finding a house for rent in Istanbul include flexible housing options and the availability of houses with various features.



Penthouse apartments and villas have an important place among luxury real estate options in Istanbul. Istanbul penthouse apartments offer an ideal choice for those looking for magnificent views and a modern lifestyle. Villas open the doors of a luxurious life with their large living spaces, private gardens and private swimming pools.



Istanbul penthouse apartments are exclusive residences that offer unique views and private living spaces in the city. In this section, we will share detailed information about Istanbul penthouses and discuss the city's most striking penthouse options. With its penthouse living, high comfort and unrivaled view, it has a special place among the luxury housing options in the Istanbul real estate market.



Villa living in Istanbul is synonymous with luxury residences offering extensive gardens, private pools and comfortable living spaces. In this section, we will share information about the general features of Istanbul villas, their price ranges and the most popular villa projects in the city. The advantages of villa living in the city and private villa options are an ideal solution to meet the demand for luxury housing in the Istanbul real estate market.





ISTANBUL REAL ESTATE BOSPHORUS Residences with Bosphorus views offer a unique experience for those who want to live in the city. Residences with Bosphorus views stand out with their magnificent natural beauty and proximity to historical texture. These residences combine the features of both modern life and traditional Turkish architecture, offering their residents an unforgettable living space.






To list the most beautiful districts for those who want to live in Istanbul; Districts such as Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, Şişli, Beyoğlu and Sarıyer stand out. In addition to being located in the heart of the city, these neighborhoods also have various cultural activities, shopping opportunities and transportation facilities. In addition, the neighborhoods located on the Bosphorus shore are especially preferred due to their unique views.


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