Sariyer which part of Istanbul?

 Oca 11 2024

Sariyer which part of Istanbul?

Located on the European side of Istanbul, Sarıyer is located in the northern part of the Bosphorus. Sarıyer, which forms the northwestern border of the city and is one of the most important settlements of the Bosphorus, is among the most popular districts of Istanbul, known for its historical structures and natural beauties. 

Living in Sarıyer

Living in Sarıyer; While offering a peaceful experience in touch with nature, it promises a lifestyle away from the chaos of Istanbul. This district, which hosts fascinating views of the Bosphorus, attracts attention with its lush forests and clean air.


Natural Beauties and a Peaceful Environment

Standing out with its natural beauties and calm structure, Sarıyer offers a perfect environment for nature walks and picnics in areas such as Belgrad Forest.


Historical and Cultural Richness

While mansions and historical buildings from the Ottoman period form the rich cultural structure of Sarıyer, the perfect combination of history and nature gives the district a unique atmosphere.


Ease of Transportation and Social Facilities

Offering easy access to other parts of the city, Sarıyer also stands out with its quality educational institutions and rich social life. Restaurants and cafes with Bosphorus views offer a rich culinary culture.


The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Sarıyer

In Sarıyer, one of the most beautiful and peaceful regions of Istanbul, there are many neighborhoods that stand out with their unique characteristics and the lifestyle they offer. Here are the best neighborhoods to live in Sarıyer:


1. Emirgan: Known for its historical mansions and the famous Emirgan Grove, Emirgan attracts attention with this park decorated with colorful tulips in the spring months. It is ideal with its proximity to the coastline and peaceful atmosphere.


2. Yeniköy: Located on the Bosphorus shore, Yeniköy is famous for its historical texture and elegant waterside mansions. It is rich in social life with its seaside cafes and restaurants.


3. Tarabya: Home to the most beautiful views of the Bosphorus, Tarabya is a neighborhood where green and blue intertwine. It is known for its fish restaurants and hiking trails.


4. Zekeriyaköy: Drawing attention with its modern villas and large green areas, Zekeriyaköy is ideal for families and nature lovers.


5. Kilyos: Located on the Black Sea coast of Sarıyer, Kilyos is a popular beach area in the summer months. It is also suitable for water sports and beach activities.


6. Büyükdere: Büyükdere offers a nostalgic atmosphere with its historical wooden houses and quiet streets.


What's Sariyer Like?

Sarıyer is a district full of historical and natural beauties, located on the European side of Istanbul, at the northern end of the Bosphorus. Offering both the dynamics of city life and natural peace, Sarıyer is one of the most special and sought-after settlements in Istanbul.


Which Districts is Sarıyer Close to?

Sarıyer is located in a strategic location on the European Side of Istanbul and is close to many important districts. Neighboring districts and important places in the immediate surroundings are;

  • Besiktas
  • Şişli
  • Kağıthane
  • Eyüp
  • Sultan
  • Beykozmaslak

How to Get to Sarıyer?

There are various ways to reach Sarıyer:


Private Vehicle: It can be reached via Maslak junction or by using the Beşiktaş-Sarıyer coastal road.


From airports: From Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Taksim, from there to Hacıosman and finally to Sarıyer; From Istanbul Airport, you can reach 4. Levent and from there to Sarıyer.


Bus Terminal: From Esenler Bus Terminal you can go to Yenikapı, from there to Hacıosman and Sarıyer.


Inner City: From Üsküdar and Kadıköy to Beşiktaş and from there to Sarıyer; By metro and bus from 4. Levent, Zincirlikuyu and Beşiktaş; It is possible to reach by direct bus from Ortaköy, Bebek, Emirgan and İstinye.


What can be done in Sarıyer?

Sarıyer offers various activities with its natural beauties and historical texture:


Nature Activities

Belgrade Forest: Ideal for camping, picnics and nature walks.

Embankments Nature Park: Great for picnics and nature walks, as well as exploring the historical embankments.

Doğatepe Park: Perfect for Bosphorus view and photo taking.


Historical Discoveries

Rumeli Fortress: An impressive castle and museum.

Sadberk Hanım Museum: Turkey's first private museum full of historical and artistic works.


Beach and Sea Enjoyment

Kilyos Beaches: Ideal to enjoy the sea, sand and sun in summer.

Kireçburnu Beach: Perfect for a quiet beach walk or enjoying the view.


Cultural Visits

Garipçe Village: Famous for its traditional village breakfast and fish restaurants.

Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum: A unique experience for classic car lovers.


Sarıyer Touristic Places

Sarıyer is one of the richest touristic districts of Istanbul:


Belgrad Forest and Atatürk Arboretum: A natural paradise.

Emirgan Grove: A colorful atmosphere with the annual Tulip Festival.


Rumelia Fortress Museum: An important part of the conquest of Istanbul.


Rumelia Lighthouse: A historical lighthouse and a small fishing town.


Sadberk Hanım Museum: Rich archaeological and artistic collections.


Kilyos Beaches: Perfect to enjoy the sea and sun in summer

beaches and surrounding green areas.


Garipçe Village: Traditional village atmosphere, delicious food and a cute seaside town experience.


Sarıyer is one of the most attractive districts of Istanbul with its historical, natural and cultural riches and offers unforgettable experiences to visitors.



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