Why do you need to buy a villa in Bodrum?

 Tem 18 2022

Bodrum is one of the most luxurious and quality places to live in Turkey. There are many reasons that calls you to move in to Bodrum in your new dream villa. We have a list of good reasons to tell you about and here's the 5 reasons why you need to buy the perfect house for yourself and start your new life in Bodrum.


1.10th best marina in the World

Bodrum is the house of the 10th best marina in the world. The western side of the sheltered Harbor on the west side of the Castle is Bodrum Marina, which is among the most prestigious marinas of the Aegean and Mediterranean. It is an inner city marina right in the heart of Bodrum just next to you new house, It is very easy to access, and it is a place where the passion for the sea is experienced and shared to the fullest on land. Bodrum Marina is a unique and elegant harbor not only for boats but also for boat owners. Seafarers from Bodrum, from many parts of Turkey, gather here, compete and have fun. You can find the most luxurious shopping malls and shopping centers in the marina. When you go to the deck and bask in the glam of super luxury yachts, you can experience going into the water in the best ways to unwind. There are great amounts of secret bays and beches among the coastline to swim in the beautiful turquoise sea.


2. Riviera

The seaside of Bodrum, has evolved very much over the past few decades from a quiet little fishing village to the most popular resort in Turkey. The glamorous riviera reinvented itself many times over to a luxurious hotspot. It's no surprise that it's welcoming a host of luxury new house options for your pleasure, including Le Meridien, Lucca and Elysium and many more. Türkbükü, the compatible peninsula of Bodrum, is on the northerly shores and provides a more discreet luxury. In the heart of Bodrum with a glistening marina populated with yatchts. Bundled on the foothills of nearby green hills, crowded with olive and citrus trees, the sun dappled decks look down on the Aegean Sea. The Turkish riviera reaches across the Southwestern coast including attractive spots such as Antalya,Dalyan, Marmaris and Fetihye. Acclaimed for sand,sun and luxury, nightlife the Turkish Riviera offers plenty of resorts and beaches. The stunning beaches and dramatic coastline and greenery makes it easy to understand why people around the world falls in love with Bodrum and why you need your own private house with private beach.

Traveling to your Bodrum villa from anywhere in the Medditeranian or Agean sea is quite easy. Ferries easily links Bodrum to Rhodes, Kalymnos, Symi and Kos islands. You can explore a Greek island very easily and have a luxury trip. Bodrum is also highly accessible by flight. The exquisite coastal town has an excellent ferry network, making the remarkable city and your dream house in Bodrum, accessible by sea from domestic and international destinations. Bodrum offers easy Daily trips to nearby islands and vacation spots just next to your new villa.




Bodrum has the ideal climate for the summer time as well as basically the whole year. Like very much of the Southern Mediterranean, residents and tourists can appreciate warm and long summers of heat followed by smooth autumns and winters of over 16 degrees Celcius at least. From your new villa's terrace and private pool you can experience the year long breezy weather. Bodrum's mild year round weather makes it perfect for those who wish to exoerience four seasons happily. Living in Bodrum with the best weather also coasts much less than living in the big cities while still chasing the sunshine. Choosing to live in Bodrum means you can experience a better average temperature and a warmer Turkish Riviera experience. The experience of the breezy Mediterranean climate makes Bodrum definitely worth considerable for a dreamy lifestyle.



Bodrum offers many more than an iddyllic climate and unique lifestyle,,it also has a rich history with the jewel in the crown being the town's 15th-century castle , house of the ancient heritage. The castle was built by the Knights of St John then was later taken over by the Ottomans . It was transformed into a mosque later. The Museum of Underwater Archeology is now can be visited in the castle, where you can see the shipwrecks raised from the miles inside de Aegean sea, along with the hidden treasures.

There is a n alluring Mediterranean garden in the castle as well .The city also hosts one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus has the history of one of the world's most dramatic architectural losts. The elevated tomb located on the hill looking down at the city. The glorious monument was damaged by several erthquakes from the 15th century.Besides the Mausoleum, Bodrum is far from limited in historical sights to seek for. There are also attractions like The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, the Castle of St Peter, and the Bodrum Amphitheatre. There are numerous museums and galleries, which you can visit whenever you want to within a short car ride from your new villa.




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