Zekeriyaköy Villa - Why Zekeriyaköy?

 Ara 21 2023
Zekeriyaköy stands out as one of the most prestigious residential areas of Istanbul. This guide aims to present in detail the unique aspects of villa life in Zekeriyaköy, its advantages and the luxury living options it offers. Whether for investment or for living, villas in Zekeriyaköy offer the comfortable and peaceful life of your dreams.

Life and Privileges in Zekeriyaköy

Zekeriyaköy attracts attention with its natural beauties, green areas and calm atmosphere. It is located far from the noise of the city, but still close to the centre of Istanbul. Living in this region offers both a life in touch with nature and easy access to all the amenities of city life. While Zekeriyaköy offers an ideal living space for families, it also stands out with its social facilities and quality educational institutions.

Owning a Villa in Zekeriyaköy

Owning a villa in Zekeriyaköy means not only owning a property, but also adopting a lifestyle. These villas stand out with their modern architecture, large gardens and high security standards. Zekeriyaköy villas offer a private world to its residents, while harbouring all the advantages of city life. Living here is an experience that offers quality and comfort together.

Zekeriyaköy Villa Prices

Zekeriyaköy villas offer both a luxurious life and a valuable opportunity for investors with starting prices of $1,000,000. This price range reflects the quality living standard and investment value offered by the region.

Zekeriyaköy Villa For Sale Options

Zekeriyaköy villas for sale are available for every taste and need. These villas, which prioritise luxury and comfort, offer options with high investment value. Owning a villa in this region means both living a luxurious life and making an investment that is valued in the long term.

Mepa Mansions Villa Zekeriyaköy

Located in the Zekeriyaköy area of Sarıyer, one of the decent neighbourhoods of Istanbul, Mepa Mansions Villa Zekeriyaköy offers you a luxurious and spacious living space. Designed with 8 bedrooms and 2 spacious living rooms, you will feel the comfort and elegance in every corner of the 650 m2 usage area in this magnificent villa. The 6 bathrooms offer ideal comfort for large families and guests, while the large garden within the 630 m2 land of the villa promises a life in touch with nature.

Flamingo Zekeriyaköy

Flamingo Zekeriyakoy rises in Sariyer, the green and oxygen-rich region of Istanbul. The project, which came to life with the assurance of Makropoli construction, draws attention to its location. Near the city, the tree-covered Zekeriyakoy is among the most valuable investment regions of Istanbul.

Zekeriyaköy Village Project

Koy Zekeriyaköy is a 7+2 type project with a large area of 690 square metres, equipped with seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, a perfect combination of luxury and comfort. These magnificent villas have a large terrace of 100 square metres, large gardens, indoor lift, servant's room and private garage. 

Villa Prices for Rent 

Villas for rent in Zekeriyaköy are offered at competitive prices, averaging $3,000 per month. These villas are perfect for those looking for a high standard of living, comfort and quality. Villas for rent are usually fully equipped with modern amenities, spacious gardens and social facilities.

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