2024 Türkiye Real Estate Market Analysis

 Ara 18 2023

2024 Türkiye Real Estate Market Analysis: Best Cities for Investment

The year 2024 stands out as one of the turning points for the Turkish real estate market. This analysis has been prepared to shed light on investors' decision-making processes. Turkey's rapidly changing real estate market attracts intense interest from local and foreign investors. In this context, we examine the most suitable cities and regions for real estate investment in a wide geography from Istanbul to Izmir, from Bodrum to Antalya. In the light of important factors such as economic dynamics, real estate development trends and investment costs, we will examine in detail why 2024 is an important year for investment in the Turkish real estate market and which cities stand out. This guide will be a valuable resource for those who want to make conscious and profitable investments in the Turkish real estate market.


General Situation of the Turkish Real Estate Market in 2024

First Quarter Real Estate Market Evaluation of the Year

The trends observed in the Turkish real estate market in the first quarter of 2024 are quite remarkable. The increase in housing prices, especially in big cities, attracts the attention of investors. Houses in touristic regions such as Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya are among the popular choices of both local and foreign buyers.


The Impact of Foreign Investors on the Turkish Market and Turkish Citizenship Opportunities

In recent years, foreign investors' interest in the real estate market in Turkey has increased. In particular, real estate investment, which directly leads to Turkish citizenship, has become an attractive option for many foreign investors. This situation contributes to the increase in real estate prices, especially in cities such as Istanbul, Antalya and Bursa.



Featured Cities for Investment in Turkey


Istanbul remains Turkey's largest and most economically active city. In the real estate market of the Anatolian Side, especially Kadıköy, Üsküdar and Ataşehir; Beşiktaş, Sarıyer and Bakırköy regions are among the most popular regions on the European Side.


The Most Valuable Areas of Istanbul

Real estate prices in these regions offer investors high return potential for both residential and commercial real estate. New transportation projects and urbanization efforts cause the value of these regions to increase even more.




Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean Region, has become a favorite of both local and foreign investors in recent years. The real estate market in Izmir attracts attention, especially in regions such as Alsancak, Karşıyaka and Bornova.


Real Estate Development Trends in Izmir

These regions add value to investors with their developing infrastructure and transportation networks. In addition, touristic areas in the coastal regions of Izmir are also highly preferred for summer and holiday real estate investments.


Favorite Investment Regions of Izmir

Alsancak and Karşıyaka are ideal for both residential and commercial real estate investments. Bornova and Buca are among the regions that attract attention with their proximity to universities and young population.



Bodrum, the popular holiday destination of Muğla, is one of the most popular places for luxury real estate investments. Regions such as Yalıkavak, Gümüşlük and Türkbükü on the Bodrum Peninsula stand out with their sea view villas and luxury housing projects.


Best Areas for Investment in Bodrum

While Yalıkavak attracts attention with its marina and luxury shopping opportunities, Gümüşlük is known for its natural beauties and calm atmosphere. Türkbükü is famous for its luxury restaurants and beaches.


Impact of Tourism on the Real Estate Market

Tourism is an important factor in the Bodrum real estate market. Especially in the summer months, the holiday rental market is vibrant and provides high returns.



Market Analysis and Tips for Investors

For investors, the 2024 Turkish Real Estate Market stands out as an area that is both full of opportunities and requires careful analysis. In this period, it is of great importance to read market conditions correctly and act strategically. First, examine in detail the economic and social dynamics of the region where you plan to invest.


Factors such as the region's population growth, transportation projects and infrastructure developments directly affect real estate values. Also evaluate the advantages and risks of different types of real estate, such as residential, commercial or land, depending on the purpose of the investment.


Investment timing is also a critical factor. Macroeconomic indicators such as economic cycles, interest rates and market trends will help you determine the ideal time to invest. As an investor, gaining the ability to quickly adapt to changes in the market will increase your success in the long run. Finally, contacting experts and consultants in local real estate markets will allow you to gain in-depth knowledge of regional features and developments. These tips and analyzes will guide you to make conscious and profitable investments in the 2024 Turkish Real Estate Market.


Things to Consider in Real Estate Investment

When investing in real estate, factors such as location, infrastructure developments, transportation facilities, and the future promise of the region should be taken into consideration. It is also important to decide the type of real estate to be invested in (residential, commercial, land, etc.) and whether the investment will be long-term or short-term.


Right Timing and Market Dynamics for Investment

Following market trends and determining the right timing is the key to success in real estate investing. Macroeconomic factors, especially economic cycles and interest rates, have a major impact on investment decisions.


Comparative Analysis of Cities for Investment Purposes

Investment Costs and Expected Returns

In cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Bodrum, investment costs and expected returns vary depending on the region, real estate type and market conditions. In general, while Istanbul requires a higher initial investment, Bodrum and Izmir offer investment opportunities at more affordable prices.


Real Estate Buying, Selling and Rental Market Analysis

Each city's buying-selling and rental market has its own internal dynamics. While the demand for rental housing and commercial space is high in Istanbul, Bodrum and Izmir stand out in the summer and holiday rental market.


Opportunities and Risks in the Turkish Real Estate Market

Real Estate Turkey market contains various opportunities and risks for investors as of 2024. In this period, urban transformation projects and tourism regions developing especially in big cities offer high return potential. New housing and commercial space projects in cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Bodrum create attractive opportunities by offering different options to investors. In addition, the increasing interest of foreign investors and Turkey's strategic location make the real estate market even more dynamic.


However, along with these opportunities, there are also some risks. Market fluctuations require investors to be careful. Changes in real estate values, especially during periods of economic instability, may affect your investment decisions. In addition, excessive construction and unplanned urbanization in some regions can negatively affect real estate values in the long term. In order to minimize such risks, investors should regularly follow market analyzes and consult expert opinions. As a result, Turkey's 2024 real estate market offers both risks that require careful research and various opportunities that need to be evaluated.


Quality of Life Indices of Cities

The quality of life in different cities of Turkey is an important factor affecting the value of real estate investments. Istanbul's business and entertainment opportunities, Izmir's natural beauties and Bodrum's tourist attraction increase real estate values in these regions.


Regional Developments and Real Estate Values

Regional infrastructure projects, new transportation lines and urban transformation works play a major role in the value increases in the real estate market. Especially in big cities, projects such as new metro lines and airports increase the value of real estate in the surrounding area.


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