Sapphire Tower Penthouse on the 46th floor


Kağıthane, Istanbul

$ 5.500.000
Roof of the Sapphire Tower
The most luxurious and famous tower in Istanbul

Full view of the Bosphorus
Luxury furniture

46th floor
700 m2
4.5+2 5 Bathrooms
Large Dining Room
Each room has a large covered balcony.

About Safir Tower

Land area: 11,602.48 m²
Total sales/rental area: 60,028 m² Residential / 27,000 m²
SHOPPING CENTER / Viewing terrace with an area of 2.823 m²
Start date: 2006
Completion date: 2011

Status: Completed
Istanbul Sapphire is the tallest residential building in Europe (excluding Moscow) with a height of 262.5 meters from the top of the antenna. The building is a mixed project consisting of residential blocks, a shopping center and an observation deck. Construction of the facility with a total area of 165,139 m² began in 2006 and was completed in March 2011.

There are a total of 10 floors underground and 56 floors above ground. 54-56. There is an observation terrace on each floor. The observation terrace, which has received a tourism certificate from the Ministry of Tourism, is the first in Turkey to offer its visitors a magnificent view of Istanbul from a height of 262.5 meters.

The shopping center has 6 floors, on the 3rd ground floor there is a passage to the metro. The residence floors feature natural ventilation, real living plants, and large gardens offering neighborhood culture.

Vertical gardens are one of the privileges of the project, and double walls provide comfort. The outer wall acts as a protective shield, protecting the interior from external elements and noise. Thus, residents enjoy comfort and privileges at an optimal level.
ID : 79815
Yazili Resim
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6 Bedroom 5 Bathroom 700 sqm Area Location Open on Google Maps


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