Spine Tower


Maslak, Istanbul

$ 425.000
Spine Tower is a 202 m high building located in Maslak, Istanbul.
Polished tallest buildings. It is located in the financial district in Maslak. It is the second tallest building built in Spine Tower.
The building, which has a total indoor area of ​​140.000 m2, has 56 floors, 9 floors above the ground floor and 47 floors above the ground.
The Spine Tower has 47 floors and consists of 80 residences in total. In the project, where there are flat options from 2 + 1 to 8 + 1, the apartment areas show between 133 and 1200 square meters. While there are offices on the first 29 floors of Spine Tower; Apartments start after the 30th floor. The Spine Tower, which rises as a dynamic structure of the city thanks to its gradual ascent.
ID : 34950
Yazili Resim
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3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 170 sqm Area Location Open on Google Maps